Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Camera and the Dog

In the past I have shared readings from a great book called "You Are A Dog" ( And today it's time to share another. And why not share your dogs thoughts on the camera...


You wish your people wouldn't aim that thing at you. It makes you think something bad is about to happen, like a lightning and thunder storm. You do not like lightning and thunder - mostly the thunder - and you do not like that thing they point at you, and you do not understand why they are so excited about the colored paper they wave in front of you after they pull it out and watch it intently for several minutes. "Wookit my shweetie, widdowl buppsie - widdie wiggins woo, bupsie wupsie," they say. Sometimes their behavior is completely mystifying.....

More readings will be coming in the future as they tend to be uplifting and generally always bring a smile to your face... Who doesn't need a smile. Call over your pooch and read it to them. I'm sure they'll chuckle too!

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