Monday, November 22, 2010

Guilford Animal Hospital...

So today, and tomorrow, and then for one more day in early December I'm lucky enough to be shooting the employees, partners and facility itself at the Guilford Veterinary Hospital

Why do I write that in the Muddy Paw Studios Blog, because I've seen many animal hospitals and been able to see behind the scenes and those places that you normally wouldn't see. Not a big deal right? Not really, not for many of us. 

However, quite simply, I have to say from front to back, from employee to employee, Guilford Veterinary Hospital is a great one! I said it the second I walked into the building, "I can't believe how clean your facility is in every corner"... And the heart that each employee carries through their day at work is that great as well... 

For those of you that are lucky enough to have Guilford Veterinary Hospital close by... I can say one thing, if you have to drop your furry loved one off with them, you've left that loving friend in great hands!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rocco The Wonder Dog...

This guy here, Rocco, is one that goes non-stop! So great he is! Stopping long enough for the shots and moving on. Coming back for that wonderful squeaky sheep or the tasty treat... 

And added to the list of great pups I've had the chance to capture in great ways. Each and every furry friend that comes into the studio just makes what I do that much more awesome!!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just some sweet little tags

There are little treasures to be had on and I've decided it's time to start sharing. 

And with this, I bring you the sweetest little tags. We all like to be individuals and we want our furry friends to do the same. So when it comes to some fun name tags, check these guys out!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Fur That Never Stops

Would totally be these two awesome pups!!!

A huge thanks to Emily and Dave for bringing them into the studio for some photo fun!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rocky the Wonder Bull..... Dog that is.

Rocky.... He is the bull dog that never stops! Though for a snack he'll stick close by...

And when he's not at hand, a simple squeak of a toy and he comes blazin' around the corner!

Keep an eye out for the tongue, and a towel out for the drool....

But what it comes down to is that he simple rocks! I believe his mom believes so as well!!!

So after some simple teasers, the world now knows Rocky.... The bull dog.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Been a while

but it's all good. I do promise to get back in the posting ball though. Weddings, the new studio, school starting. Been a bit crazy! But a good crazy none the less. So more posting coming, I promise...

In the mean time, Saturday I'll be shooting for the American Heart Association and Going Red!!! Check it and start making your plans to come and join!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Before this post really gets posted, I have to apologize for the lack of new pups being posted on the blog, wedding season has me going full tilt right now and has been taking up much of my time! However, with the new studio opening, and fall coming around, be ready because I already have them scheduled and new pups will be showing up in the VERY near future!!! 

In the mean time, a post from that great book again.. You Are Dog - by: Terry Bain...

Leftovers -

You would never (because they told you not to) put your front paws on the chair so that you could reach the table. He Who Cannon Keep His Chair from Tipping Over During a Meal had left his plate at the table without finishing his hot dog and tater tots, but when they all returned to find the plate licked clean, they looked at you as if they suspected you of stealing........

Why They Suspected You -

Because you did it, that's why! You are incapable of deceit. They see it in your eyes. You slink away to lie near the sofa and await your persecution. When none comes, you sleep...

Friday, July 30, 2010

The 5 Super Dogs!

So generally, sessions of all the great dogs out there take place in the studio. 
Or at times out in the world... Generally it's one, maybe two pups... Or at times more, such as the greyhound shoot with 4. 

Recently I was lucky enough to shoot a family of 5 pups! The newest hasn't even been introduced to the others yet, or at least not at the time of the session. But 5 sessions of the pups on their own turf in their own home made for a fun session! Each with their own great energy that they bring to the world and to their human companions...

And now some random shots are now out to the world below....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Never ever never never....

Never ever never never - will one be gone... 

Their soul always remains. The memories always will remain. Pieces of them always will remain. Though none of that ever takes the pain away when you lose a being that was and still is close to you. 

As many of you know, or have read, a short few months ago I lost my unconditional friend Pippin, to be completely honest and maybe a little too blunt about it. Well, IT SUCKS!

Well, I just received an e-mail from one of my awesome'est of awesome clients... From the engagement shoot to the wedding and even just the first e-mail chain that started. It was obvious that they were great peeps! Well, I was lucky enough to not only shoot them, but also shoot their pup Jake.... Well, the e-mail I just received was about Jake. And how he is no longer with us... It's funny how attached you can become to a furry friend that isn't even yours. It brings tears to my eyes, makes me feel a bit raw. Maybe some of it comes from the loss of Pippin not that long ago. Though I don't think that plays much into this all... I dug Jake! He was much like his human friends... He had this great thing going for him. And it's that "thing" that we should never let go of. It's that "thing" he had that should be pulled closer and held tight, because that "thing" is what we have to remember him. 

So while I'm sure many of you know, it's a hard thing to deal with and all I want to ask is that you keep thoughts of Jake, Pippin and any of your own furry friends that may have been lost close to heart. Think about those moments where they may have really just ticked you off, only minutes later making you laugh. Not knowing they did anything in the first place... Or those moments where you just needed a cuddle, a lick or a nuzzle. Or those moments where you were in hurt, and they came forth to quietly just put their heads on your lap... The ball being brought back, the bone being chewed or the tail knocking that drink over... Keep those moments near by!

Here's to you Jake!!! (we're sending positive vibes to you as well Nic & Billy!)

As always, as hard as it may be....

Shine on!

Dogs have given us their absolute all.  We are the center of their universe.  We are the focus of their love and faith and trust.  They serve us in return for scraps.  It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.  ~Roger Caras

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

Be Carefl With Those Foods

How many foods do you know of that are dangerous to your furry friends??? Sure, many people know the chocolate thing. But what about grapes? Or raisins? Below is a link to a story about some of the foods and why as well as the poison control number should your furry friend ever find their way into some of these foods.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Camera and the Dog

In the past I have shared readings from a great book called "You Are A Dog" ( And today it's time to share another. And why not share your dogs thoughts on the camera...


You wish your people wouldn't aim that thing at you. It makes you think something bad is about to happen, like a lightning and thunder storm. You do not like lightning and thunder - mostly the thunder - and you do not like that thing they point at you, and you do not understand why they are so excited about the colored paper they wave in front of you after they pull it out and watch it intently for several minutes. "Wookit my shweetie, widdowl buppsie - widdie wiggins woo, bupsie wupsie," they say. Sometimes their behavior is completely mystifying.....

More readings will be coming in the future as they tend to be uplifting and generally always bring a smile to your face... Who doesn't need a smile. Call over your pooch and read it to them. I'm sure they'll chuckle too!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sally Sally Sally...

What can you possibly say when you get a call from a client that just sounds soooo excited about the opportunity to have some rockin' pics of her pup taken? Especially when you hear that her pup is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Sally? You happily make it happen!

And that's exactly what we did last Friday. Met in the studio with Sally onboard and rocked it out! Such a sweetie, from chasing the flying burger to giving a look of "are you serious" at the squeekin' Elvis chicken. Sally and her mom rocked! 

If there's anything bad to say it's that they're leaving Ct. on the 16th of this month. I'm sure their travels will be safe and maybe Ct. will bring them back around some day... If there's one good thing to say it's that the shoot was squeezed in and happened with style!!!

Be Safe Sally and Take Care of Mom!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lost and Found...

Just over a week ago something was lost... It's a something that will never nor can never be replaced. The sounds of his feet running toward me as I walk in the door, his nails sliding on the hard wood floor. His energy at my feet while I work, or his head on my lap while I, well, don't... His love, his bark, his crazy energy that would bolt from one room to the next. As someone perfectly put it, he did not walk, he pranced. Because he did! 

It's with the great sadness that I have to say that on 4/28/2010, a day after the post below, we lost our Pippin. We lost the furry craziness running from room to room, we lost noble prance of the greatest pup, and we lost one of our loves! 

With this loss, we have found the memories. We've found those moments that we will NEVER forget. Him and his tennis ball, always being at your feet, wanting love and ready to give love at any moment... 

Those memories, those great times and that awesome unconditional love is what life is all about. It's what brings us close to others, it's what ties us with a bond to the ones we love. Knowing that they could be gone at any moment, it's today that we need to do the best things we can for them. It's today we need to give them that hug... Human or not. It's today we need to let them know that we love them! And by today I mean today and every today after... 

It's the greatest thing we have to give.... Love...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love of our best friends & family...

Life throws some great things at you, and at times, some not so great things... And for some reason, is it just me or does it seem like those not so great things come at the worst times? Maybe it's because we're never quite ready for those not so great things...

Well, now is one of those times. When one of the children has fallen ill. I should mention this child is one with 4 legs and covered with fur. But one of the children none the less. And why do I share this news that's not the best of the best. Because we all need to be prepared for the unexpected. How do you prepare for an illness in the family? In reality you can't. But what you can do is give love, energy and kindness to those you love ALL THE TIME. Communicate your feelings so that they know. Hugs? Communication? Fun times? That's up to you. And sure, you see your family every day and at times you may take that for granted. But let me ask you this, do you ever really know how long you have with them? With anyone??? Not that I have heard of yet...

So while the days may not always seem the brightest, while there may be other feelings from other situations weighing you down. Do your best to not let that take away from those that surround you with love each and every day. Do your best to share what you have for them as much as possible... And know, that you are loved...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some dog treats ya say?

I can't say as if I have spent much time making dog treats as of lately. However, I have thought about it and searched around for it many times. And here's a link that may just help. I can't say as if the rest of the site is all that much, but the treats... Recipes Galore.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some fun from a Vet office in New Haven

There's a great vet office in new haven with an awesome adoption program! Seriously, dogs, cats, puppies, kittens. If you're looking for that new family companion, give them a call and find that furry unconditional love you've been looking for... 

This office also brought me in to shoot many of their employees with their pets. And below. Just some fun shots of the pets. Enjoy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gunner the pup...

There once was a dog named Dale... He really did rock! Though as we all know, life is not a forever thing, and now what lives on from Dale is his spirit and soul... A spirit and soul that will guide his little brother through many trials and tribulations, will teach him how to fetch and teach him how to push his parents buttons in all the right ways... And below you'll see that new little brother, his name... Gunner of course! And that final pic of the set. That would be Dale and gunner, side by side. Though I am positive that Dale is guiding Gunner through his life, by his side and in his heart.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some great news for Muddy Paw and New Yorkers!!!

Where does one start? Not really sure here. What I do know is that things continue to roll on in such a great way for 2010!!! From interviews about the world of wedding photography to Muddy Paw Studios! So much great.

Part of that greatness is the new location where Muddy Paw Studios will be shooting in Brooklyn!

This rockin' awesome doggie day care, Dog Addiction ( is opening their doors to Muddy Paw Studios for dog portraits in the NYC / Brooklyn area! That's right... Dog Portraits in Brooklyn and NYC by Muddy Paw Studios with out the additional costs of travel! What could be better. And this daycare, OMG! So great. From the owners to the pups to the location. Located in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn and super convenient, if they're not your doggie daycare, they should be!!!

Seriously, how great is that. So now, if you're in the NYC Brooklyn area and looking for dog photographers, Think Muddy Paw Studios... And if you're ready to give your pup the treat they deserve, you soooooo should contact Dog Addiction! You won't be let down there!!!!

And just so you can see how awesome they are, check out these ads!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The fast ones, the real post

If you scroll down a couple posts you'll see more info on these great guys and gals! All rescued by a great couple! Giving all of these pups the life they deserve and while I'm sure the dogs thank them each and every day with that unconditional love.... I thank them as well because it's kind souls such as them selves that make this world a better place!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Butters and Jessie

Butters and Jessie, Jessie and Butters.

Butters the little bull dog and Jessie the terrier. Brother and sister with out a doubt!

Only thing, Jessie, at the time of this session was not doing well at all. It's not cancer, it's not heart disease. Really, at that time they couldn't say what it was. But it was leading to seizures and more. Old age? Totally possible.

But these two are sooo great. Butters could eat all day long, or at least all "shoot" long. And Jessie just loves the love!

But brother and sister they surely are!

Even when Butters seemed to be all about herself...

It was really still all about Jessie!