Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some great news for Muddy Paw and New Yorkers!!!

Where does one start? Not really sure here. What I do know is that things continue to roll on in such a great way for 2010!!! From interviews about the world of wedding photography to Muddy Paw Studios! So much great.

Part of that greatness is the new location where Muddy Paw Studios will be shooting in Brooklyn!

This rockin' awesome doggie day care, Dog Addiction ( is opening their doors to Muddy Paw Studios for dog portraits in the NYC / Brooklyn area! That's right... Dog Portraits in Brooklyn and NYC by Muddy Paw Studios with out the additional costs of travel! What could be better. And this daycare, OMG! So great. From the owners to the pups to the location. Located in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn and super convenient, if they're not your doggie daycare, they should be!!!

Seriously, how great is that. So now, if you're in the NYC Brooklyn area and looking for dog photographers, Think Muddy Paw Studios... And if you're ready to give your pup the treat they deserve, you soooooo should contact Dog Addiction! You won't be let down there!!!!

And just so you can see how awesome they are, check out these ads!

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