Monday, November 22, 2010

Guilford Animal Hospital...

So today, and tomorrow, and then for one more day in early December I'm lucky enough to be shooting the employees, partners and facility itself at the Guilford Veterinary Hospital

Why do I write that in the Muddy Paw Studios Blog, because I've seen many animal hospitals and been able to see behind the scenes and those places that you normally wouldn't see. Not a big deal right? Not really, not for many of us. 

However, quite simply, I have to say from front to back, from employee to employee, Guilford Veterinary Hospital is a great one! I said it the second I walked into the building, "I can't believe how clean your facility is in every corner"... And the heart that each employee carries through their day at work is that great as well... 

For those of you that are lucky enough to have Guilford Veterinary Hospital close by... I can say one thing, if you have to drop your furry loved one off with them, you've left that loving friend in great hands!!!

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