Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coming up...

Coming up with in the next couple days, news about future Muddy Paw Studios shooting locations. That's right, the future will hold stops around the North East, Doggy Day Cares, Boutiques and more! Keep your eyes out for a location near you!!! We will also show case a few images from a fun shoot staring Cody! Just wait till you see this guy! So cute with so much energy. And he might as well have wings because he can launch into the air with reckless abandon bringing smiles to everyones face!

For the time being, another short snip from Terry Bains book "You Are a Dog"...

Inside, you are protected from the world. You are outside the world. You are safe and at home. You only wish you had access to the lever that opens the door. Because right now? Right now you have to pee.

Short, simple and sweet....

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