Monday, December 14, 2009

It's about time...

For an update! Totally apologize for the lack of pics, info and more! Things have been crazy but that's no excuse. So over the coming days I'll pump things back up. Bring in the newest images from the freshest shoots and another print competition to come!!! Get ready! Come and vote and let's rock it out together!!!!

As for the above little collage. What can one say about a great couple doing some great things. What's so great, these pups. These 4 grey hounds that I was so lucky to shoot! We'll keep names private, both the owners and the pups but all 6 of them together simply rock! The energy that they all create together. From one that just loves to lick, another that is just such a shy thing, the quiet one that enjoys licking bunnies and the sleepy one that tends to let the tongue stick to the floor. They are all just so incredibly great.

And while many of you love your pure breads, which is fine. You should also think about adopting. All of these dogs have their own special features. But their past shows so much in their eyes, their scars and their own idiosyncrasies... Not in a bad way, we all have our own little things. But you can just see so much of what they went through while at the same time, you can see the love they are now receiving.

It's humans that are truly rescued by these pups...

There are a ton of greyhound sites out there but check out and you can see more of what I'm talking about.

Shine on guys and gals!

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