Friday, February 11, 2011

It's time for dog food again!

Yes folks! It's that time of year again. While I have a bunch of shoots I need to update on the blog, well, in all honesty I've been to busy. I know, not an excuse!

But I'm not to busy to raise some food for local shelters and rescues!!!

Read on:

What it comes down to is quite simple. 

For one (or two if you want to be a superstar) bag of 17 pound or greater bag of dog food we'll rock out a mini session of your furry four pawed friend! 

Contact us now because this will be based on a very limited amount of spots for one weekend only. 

Phone: 860-841-5592

There is a $25.00 session lock down fee however you will receive a $25.00 coupon code to use toward your print purchase after the session. So in other words, all the session will really cost you is the dog food. 

If you're interested, check your schedule and let's rock it out!!! My goal, to raise over 1000 pounds of dog food for the shelters!!! Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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