Thursday, July 2, 2009

The beginning...

What it comes down to is really quite simple. If I couldn't be shooting weddings, meaning, all of a sudden they ceased their existence, well, dogs would be my thing. And while I do love weddings and there is nothing better than the invitation into a couples day, I also love shooting dogs. Okay, that doesn't sound all that great. What it comes down to is that being a dog photographer taking dog portraits in Ct. and around the country is right up there with that same energy of a wedding. Yet different. Some people really don't enjoy dogs, maybe there was an incident in the past, maybe they just don't understand them. I'm not 100% sure, what I do know is that I love them. From the wet noses to the belly rubs to the sighs they can make when at peace by your feet. Dogs rock! Unconditional love comes from only two places, your parents and your pets. And I guess that's one of the main reasons that this is just such a wonderful thing... So check out the site at and when you're ready for a rockin' fun shoot of your furry friends, and yes, we can even squeeze you into a shot or two, let me know. We'll create magical pieces of art for your wall filled with love!!!! Or by the bed... Or on the mantel... In the hall... Up the stairs.... On your desk..... Above the sofa... On the fridge..... Should I go on???

Muddy Paw Studios - a TAB Photographic Studio

Shine on.... ~Tim

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